Time vs Thyme – Confused between Time or Thyme?

Want to learn the difference betweenTime and Thyme? TimevsThyme is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference between these two words.We teach you when to use Time and when to use Thyme.


Word 1: Thyme (THIGHM)
Meaning 1: A low growing aromatic plant of the mint family frequently used in cooking or medicines.
Example Sentence: Sam cooked wonderful dinner for everyone which included coriander, thyme and bay leaves as herbs.

Word 2: Time (TIGHM)
Meaning 1: To set or measure the duration of an event; to regulate.
Example Sentence: Hemant took the initiative to time the runners for the school race.

Meaning 2: A measurable period during which an event occurs.
Example Sentence: 21st century is the time of advancement, scientific exploration and peace around the world.

Meaning 3: The determined moment when something begins or ends.
Example Sentence: 3 o’clock is the time for the cricket match to start.

Meaning 4: A person’s experience during a specific event.
Example Sentence: I had a great time witnessing the India vs Pakistan match in England.

Meaning 5: A period of training of military service or any apprenticeship.
Example Sentence: Raman served his time in the army for 20 years before he finally retired.

Example Sentence using both words:
I had a great time last year last summer planting the thyme plant in my garden. I timed it and found that it took me 45 minutes to do that.