Welcome to Month-1 of the CAT-2022 Prep Plan

The objective of the four-month course for CAT is very simple: to help our users with their study plans and help them plan their prep, in a systematic manner. We have outlined what needs to be done for the three CAT sections for Month-1 and have provided links for the material available on this website. Please make sure you keep up with the plan.

Section 1: English (Verbal) Prep for this Month

The first month of Prep is all about basics and focusing on the three core skills that drive your language development:

Reading Skills

At Wordpandit, our fundamental belief is that more than anything else, you need to read and read as much as possible.Keeping this in mind, we provide you a host of reading suggestions. Reading suggestions are our unique compilation of awesome articles from across the Internet. These articles will  help you build your reading skills and provide some challenging material to read.

Vocabulary Development

In the first month of the prep-plan, you have 30 vocabulary basics tests, accompanied with vocabulary blogs that help you build your vocabulary data-bank. Along with these, we feature a vocabulary builder section (explained below) for each of prep-plan days.

Grammar Blogs

Along with vocabulary tests and blogs, 15 basic Grammar blog are provided for you to begin your understanding of basic Grammar rules and tips. Reading these blogs would help you clarify some common usage confusions.

Verbal Ability Regulars: Usage Tips and Phrasal Verbs

During the course of this complete course, you will be provided two regular updates in the prep plan:
1. Usage Tips: These are pairs of confusing words that we generally confuse in usage. Commonly confused words made regular appearance in CAT exams (2005 to 2012), and it makes sense to study 3 such combinations on a daily basis. During this course, you will be able to explore 540 such combinations (a more than sufficient number for your CAT prep).

  1. Phrasal Verbs: Phrasal Verbs are combinations of verbs and prepositions, and effectively behave like idioms. This has been another CAT regular in the past, and we feature one phrasal verb set on a daily basis. You would be able to work with more than a 1000 phrasal verbs by simply practicing our one phrasal verb set, posted for every day of our CAT prep plan.

Suggested Reading:

Make sure you complete at least 4 of the following books:

Some Reading Tips:

  • Make sure you pick up two books at a time, so that you don’t get bored with one.
  • Identify your level before starting a book and make sure you do not over-reach with your initial picks.
  • Make sure you start reading the editorial page of any leading newspapers, such as the ‘The Hindu’ or ‘The Times of India’ every day, without fail. An ever better way of following newspapers is through our Daily Reads sections

Section 2: Quantitative Ability & Reasoning Prep for the Month

Target Topic: Number System

Number system is one topic that is ubiquitous in CAT. Number system is one topic which finds universal application and its concepts are used in almost all the topics. Keeping its importance in mind, make sure you study its concept in details and use as much reference material as possible. We have provided a list of books you can use. Refer to these books and online resources to learn more. We have uploaded the complete resource list for Number System (articles and tests) here: Number System: Complete Resource List

In Month-1, we focus on Number System Concepts and Topic Tests.

Some Books you could use to study No. System:

You can study number system from any of the following books:

  • Demystifying Number System by Nishit Sinha
  • Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Verma
  • Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT by Arun Sharma

Basic Maths Tests

There are a number of Maths related rules that we studied in school and have forgotten now. With the help of Basic Maths Tests, we get in touch with these rules once again. These simple 5 question tests act as an indicator for your understanding of the subject, and how good you are with simplifications and basic maths skills.

Puzzles for CAT

Though a topic that does not directly appear in CAT, puzzles form an important part of a student’s preparation strategy. Solving a lot of puzzles will definitely enhance your logical reasoning abilities and these one-question problems can actually act as stepping stones for solving full-fledged LR sets.

Books for Puzzles

You can solve puzzles from any of the following books:

  • Puzzles to Puzzle You by Shakuntala Devi
  • The Great Book of Puzzles & Teasers by George J Summers
  • Brain Teasers by Ravi Narula

Section 3: Vocab Builder

Visual Vocab

The first half of the Vocab Builder is based on Visual Vocabulary, with 5 word-posters provided for you every day. These 5 words are mixed according to difficulty and their probability of appearing in exams. You may already know some of these words but you need to worry about; there will be plenty of words featured during the course of the complete course.

Flashcard Sets

We provide one flashcard set a day, featuring 10 words. These mobile-friendly cards can be viewed at any time, and are meant to act as a reinforcement for your current vocabulary database. Words are accompanied with synonyms and antonyms, and you can make handy clusters to memorize these words.

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