Ever since we have launched our CAT-2014 Prep plan, we have received numerous queries and doubts regarding our plan. Most of these questions have been very similar and have revolved around the same aspects of the preparation plan. So we thought we might as well answer them in one go and put up a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page that will answer all your doubts. We have listed a series of questions and tried to answer them in a short, sweet and simple way. If your query is still not answered, you can always mail us at admin@wordpandit.com, and we will add your questions to the list as well.

Question 1: Is this really for free?
Yes, whether you believe it or not, it is.

Question 2: Will this plan be converted into a paid on anytime soon?
No, we have no plan to make this into a paid product.

Question 3: Will you take my personal doubts?
We will try solve some of these but you would understand that solving individual queries can be a little taxing. We will still try our best and offer the maximum help we can.  In case you have some doubts with regards to questions on this website, you can always ask us.

Question 4: How can we help you?
In case you doubts with respect to how to prepare, your approach and strategy, or specific inputs are required for particular subjects, you can always reach out to us. Leave on comment on the relevant page and so on, you can always ask those questions. But we do recommend that you first search our blog section before writing to us. You might find that some of queries might already be answered there.

Question 5: How can you help?
The answer is very simple for this question: spread the word around, share our work with as many people as you can and that would be great help for us. Also, you can help us by pointing out any errors on the website.We love to improve ourselves constantly and feedback is most welcomed.

Question 6: Will this plan ensure that you clear CAT?
A direct answer: NO. Then why run such a plan? This plan is for ASSISTANCE, for ensuring that you study on a regular basis, and that you can adopt a regular schedule for your studies. We strongly believe that you should study according to your own needs and potential, and suitably decide for yourself the kind of effort you need to put in. This plan will greatly help you to streamline your preparation and extract the best out of yourself. Make sure you use in the most comprehensive manner possible.

Question 7: Do I need to solve material other than this prep-plan?
Ideally, you should. We keep recommending the books you study from and it is advisable that you use the test prep material that is available to you.

Question 8: Do I need to take a test series?
Again the answer is a yes. You should take a test series, ensure that you give all the tests and make sure that you carry out the analysis for every test that you appear for.

The above outlines some of the common questions that have been asked by students, and hope we have covered most of the areas. In case you still have some queries, let us know about them.