Difference Between Petrify,Putrefy and PurifyPetrify has the following meanings:-
1. To change into stone or a stony substance: “The angry face of the teacher frightened the students so much that they used to petrify with fear.”
2. To confound with amazement or fear: “Watching of a horror film late at night b children may petrify them to the extent that they may not sleep.”
3. To deaden or to stifle: “It’s good that the speaker wound up his speech on time otherwise it could petrify the listeners with boredom.”

Putrefy means to create a state of rottenness, physically or morally: “A few drops of lemon put in milk will putrefy it.”

Purify has the following meanings:-
1. To become pure or clean: “We are going to install aqua guard to purify polluted water.”
2. To free from guilt or blemish: ” The Hindus go on pilgrimage to purify themselves from sins.”