CAT 2020: How to stay motivated for CAT?

There is often just one question I ask my students when they come up to me and share the fact that they are not scared of the CAT exam or are not able to focus: What’s Your Motivation?

Remember, we are the in the final stretch for CAT preparation, and this is the moment when you need to be clear with your motive and intent for this exam.

Put in another, can you put your head down for the next 15 days and make sure you are motivated for this challenge? Remember, CAT prep is not rocket science, and it is simply preparation for a 3-hour mental exercise.

For the next 15 days or so, all you need to do is:
1. Maintain discipline and make sure you use every moment productively.
2. Maintain a laser sharp focus with respect what you need to do and what you need to leave.
3. Do not try to cover each and everything. It is important to adopt an approach that helps you maximise your scores. Make sure you read the strategy articles for different sections posted in the 60 Days to CAT series to fine tune your strategy for every section.

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