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Quantitative Ability is viewed as the section in CAT that requires maximum preparation. This is because it has a lot of topics and students often feel that they have a lot of ground to cover in terms of “syllabus”. But an organised approach to preparation for this section can make the process easy and incredibly fun and rewarding. Here is a video that explains how one can structure preparation for any given topic in quants:

In this article, we talk about the 3 step process to prepare for the quants section. Here is a part of the first step of the process from the article:

“Learn the theory from first principles: Make a conscious effort to learn theory from basic ideas. We have a tendency to ‘jump’ steps when we get familiar with a topic. Resist the temptation to use plug-and-play formulae and learn the theory with an open mind. Let me illustrate this with a simple example: –  Consider a class of 40 students with an average score of 60 marks. Two students leave this class and the average mark increases by ‘x’. If no student can take a negative mark, and x is a positive integer, how many values can the average of the two students take? One can write equations and solve this. However, someone who has learnt from basic ideas will follow a more intuitive approach.…”

And in this article, we mention the common traps to avoid while preparing (and testing) for Quants section in CAT.  To quote the article here is the most common trap that many students fall into:

“This is probably the most common trap – getting into a literal “fight” with the problem, where solving one problem becomes more important than getting a good sectional score overall. This is a definite way of losing good time that can be employed productively elsewhere.”