What is the ‘Phrasal Verbs’ section?

Phrasal Verb questions form one of the trickiest parts of the CAT exam. It not only checks ones topic knowledge but also checks one’s reading skill. For this area, you need to answer on the questions taking help of your previous reading experience and knowledge of the language. Technically, phrasal verbs are essentially a combination of verb with a preposition and this seemingly simple combination can cause a lot troubles.

How to best use this section?
Make sure you solve the phrasal verb quizzes multiple times in order to learn the key usage differences.

In order to supplement your preparation of the section, we are providing some of these Phrasal Verbs in the form of simple MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). Attempt them and try to master this tricky CAT topic. We would be adding more of these phrasal verbs in the future. To view the phrasal verbs starting with a particular word, click on the word in the panel given on your right.

Phrasal Verbs – Alphabetical order Sets