Clarify your CAT concepts

CAT CONCEPTS: Your one stop solution for CAT topics

The CAT exam (and other MBA entrance exams) consists of three core areas:

  • English, officially labelled as Verbal Ability
  • Maths, officially labelled Quantitative Aptitude
  • Date Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

How to use Wordpandit for your Prep?

We provide inputs for Maths and English as of now. We would be adding data-interpretation soon and the set of concepts would be complete. Concepts are accompanied with tests and exercises. Make sure that attempt all so that you can draw the maximum benefit from the content. A few things to be kept in mind:

  • Make sure you follow the Study Plan page for study schedule tips.
  • Preparation blog will provide additional inputs for individual topics.
  • Keep checking out this space regularly for new concept notes and exercises.

List of English Concepts

List of Maths Concepts