What are these Visual Word Lists?

Learning new words can be a time consuming process & the sheer volume of words that one is supposed to prepare for CAT is huge. So how do we help ourselves in this challenge? Well, for starters, we shift to the visual method of learning. ‘Vocab Builder’ is a tool of ours that is based on the principle of learning multiple words from the same visual depiction. We provide one main word entry accompanied with 3 to 4 related words. This set of words can be learnt from the same  visual depiction. This way you MULTIPLY your learning by adding multiple words to your vocabulary at the same time.


You can also refer to the following sections on Wordpandit to enhance your word power:

These words are divided into three categories. All you need to do is CHOOSE YOUR LEVEL from the 3 given below and START LEARNING WORDS THE INTERESTING WAY.

The Three Vocabulary Levels: