CAT 2020 Vocabulary Pictures: Use Visual Vocabulary to Learn

In the last article, I talked about how to use mnemonics/associations to learn words. One more awesome way to learn words is through pictures. The basic fact is that we learn much better when we are exposed to visual information and stimuli. If you look back at your childhood, you will recall that you loved to flip through magazines and go through the pictures printed. You can extend this same love for learning to Vocabulary learning as well. The easiest way to learn new words is through pictures and we really don’t need to say much about this method, right? In fact, Wordpandit is all about learning words through pictures. Keep in mind one thing: you should go through these CAT Vocabulary Pictures at least a couple of times for every word. By looking at these pictures again and again, you can build your vocabulary that much more effectively.

Go through the following visuals and you should be convinced about this method:

picture vocabulary for CAT

picture vocabulary for CAT

picture vocabulary for CAT

CAT Vocabulary Pictures: A Quick Tip that employs Google Images

I have another shortcut that you can use to learn words. One amazing place to learn words through pictures is Google Images. Just have a look at the following collection of images I downloaded for the word Soporific:

Soporific means sleep inducing. I downloaded the four pictures from Google Images and you can see these are the perfect resources to learn the world. In fact, all you need to do for all words is run these image searches and you should quite a few pictures and associations to learn the word.
Well, hopefully you can employ the trick above to learn multiple words at the same time. And go through the vocabulary resources for today to boost your word power.
Happy Learning..:)

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