Your Prep Dose for the Day

Welcome to posts for month-4 of the Prep Plan. In this month, we extend our learning forward and help you learn some more topics. The objective of this month is once again very simple: to help you learn in the easiest possible way. Refer to the individual sections for expanding your learning.

CAT preparation for Verbal Ability

Verbal Prep: Comprehensive Coverage of All Areas

Adding to the resources for the first three months, we help you extend your learning in this month by providing you some awesome reading suggestions and some tests to help you fine tune your prep. Along with this, usage tips and phrasal verbs help you prepare for the usage section of the exam.
Reading Suggestions: Daily Reads-183
Reading Suggestions: Daily Reads-184

Verbal Ability Test : Para-jumbles:Test-5
Vocabulary Basics Practice Test for Today: Vocabulary Basics: Antonym Test-46
Reading Comprehension: RC Passage 2

Usage Tips:

Phrasal Verbs:

CAT preparation for QA, LR and DI

Quant Target Topic for the Month: Algebra

Since this is the fourth month of the prep-plan, the focus this month has to be on Geometry and Mensuration. The Fourth month revolves around ‘Geometry and Mensuration’. Targeted Topic Tests and Level-wise tests are the uploaded in this section. Overall, we have cover a total of 30 Topic Tests and 30 Level-wise tests for Geometry and Mensuration during these 30 days.

Geometry and Mensuration: Geometry and Mensuration: Test 2
Geometry and Mensuration Level-wise Test:  Level 1 Test 2

CAT preparation for Vocabulary

Vocabulary Builder for CAT

Wordpandit has a range of Vocabulary resources, and it can get a little confusing at times for you to decide which area you need to begin with. We have that covered for you with this section. You get your daily vocabulary dose, in the form of word-poster list and flashcards sets listed here for you. All you need is to learn these words on a daily basis, and you are surely going to no issue with CAT vocabulary.

5 words for today

Flashcard Sets For Today:

Letter P, Set-15 (Level: Hard)
Letter P, Set-16 (Level: Hard)
Letter P, Set-17 (Level: Hard)

Make sure you learn words regularly and without fail!