Your Prep Dose for the Day

This is a comprehensive daily course run by us (almost on a daily basis), wherein we post study links according to the various sections in the CAT exam. All you have got to do is visit this page regularly, and consume the study links given here. Happy Learning..:)

CAT preparation for Verbal Ability

Verbal Prep: Comprehensive Coverage of All Areas

Preparing for CAT English is not a straight-forward task, and you need expert guidance to help you along the way. What we have done here is listed resources from all areas that form the core of the CAT English section and provided resources for those. The focus topics for the first month are Vocabulary, Reading, Basic Grammar and Usage. We have divided resources on our Wordpandit Learning Network in these categories and provided you the links here:

Reading Suggestions: Daily Reads-8 (Level-1)
Reading Suggestions: Daily Reads-8 (Level-2)
Vocabulary Basics Practice Test for Today: Vocabulary Basics: Antonyms Test-4
Vocabulary Blog for today: Word Stories: Relating origin to anecdotes

Usage Tips:

Phrasal Verb for Today:

CAT preparation for QA, LR and DI

Quant Target Topic for the Month: Number System

Since this is the first month of the prep-plan, the focus this month has to be on basics. The first month revolves around ‘Number System’. Articles, Topic Tests and Level-wise tests are the uploaded in this section. Number system on Wordpandit has a total of 16 Articles, 31 Topic Tests and 30 Level-wise tests. During the course of Month-1, we will be covering the concepts and topic tests for Number System. This way, the complete concepts and tests are covered in 30 days.

Number System Topic Test: Number System BODMAS Test – 2
Number System Level-wise Test: Level 1: Test 8
Data Interpretation: DI Level-1: Set 8
Logical Reasoning: LR Level-1: Set 8

Basic Maths:

Since this is the first month of the Prep-plan, it makes sense to focus on Basic Maths Skills. For this, we feature Basic Maths Tests (these would remind you of school and are a check for how well you studied back then).

Basic Maths:Test-8

Puzzle: Puzzle-8

CAT preparation for Vocabulary

Vocabulary Builder for CAT

Wordpandit has a range of Vocabulary resources, and it can get a little confusing at times for you to decide which area you need to begin with. We have that covered for you with this section. You get your daily vocabulary dose, in the form of word-poster list and flashcards sets listed here for you. All you need is to learn these words on a daily basis, and you are surely going to no issue with CAT vocabulary.

5 words for today:


Flashcard Sets For Today:

Letter A, Set-14 (Level: Hard)
Letter A, Set-15 (Level: Hard)
Letter A, Set-16 (Level: Hard)

CAT Question a day

Quantitative Aptitude Question of the day

Question: A shopkeeper charges 8% sales tax on each item he sells. On one day, he had Rs.11160 in the cash register. At the end of the day he had Rs. 29790 in the register. How much money he collected as the sales tax?

1. Rs. 1380
2. Rs. 1490
3. Rs. 1468
4. Rs. 1345.5

Answer and Explanation

Answer: 1


The total cash collected = 29790 – 11160 = Rs 18630

The sales tax is 8%. It means that a Rs 100 item will become Rs 108

So, if the cash value is Rs 108, the sales tax collected = Rs 8

If the cash value is Rs 18630, the sales tax collected = [(8/108) x18630] = Rs. 1380