CAT-2017 Internship: A unique way to prepare for CAT-2017

‘CAT-2017 Internships’ are officially open now and this is your chance to be a part of this one of its kind program. But what is this internship all about? What do we mean by a ‘CAT Internship’? Well, let’s first settle all your doubts with a quick round of FAQs.

Internship FAQs

What are these internships all about?
This is one method where we share what we can share best: our knowledge. We believe we can seriously help you with your preparation and help you master the exam.

Why is there no fee for this course?
No, there isn’t. There are no hidden charges.

Why are we doing it?
Simple. You study with us, we guide you and in exchange, you help us make Wordpandit an even more awesome place: quid pro quo.

How would this internship work?
The method of operation is very simple. We select 20 students (after a round of interviews and interaction). We conduct classes for CAT Verbal Ability through Facebook Groups (this is popular medium to study these days). The classes would be held late at night so that everyone can attend. Along with this, the selected students will receive complete mentorship till the time of their admissions.

Why do these internships include only Verbal Ability?
We are Verbal Ability experts who are building up their non-VA content. For this year, we only offer VA classes. But the mentorship will be for the complete CAT syllabus and will also cover the second stage of admissions.

Who is going to take these classes?
Wordpandit, in person. Is he qualified enough? I guess so, he does have a pretty decent record in previous year CAT exams.

Are there any rules for this internship?
There are two simple rules:
a. If you skip classes or miss your homework, you will be asked to leave.
b. If you miss your assigned tasks, you will be asked to leave.
Since all communication is through email and messaging apps, we expect you to be regular with your work and assigned study tasks.

What is the nature of work I am supposed to do?
Your work would revolve around your CAT Prep, that is solving tests, finding errors in them, working on vocabulary material beneficial for your prep and so on. Whatever you do in this internship would be in some way or the other related to your CAT prep.

How long would this internship continue?
The classes for this internship will continue till CAT-2017. Post that, you will receive special sessions for sections such as Decision Making and the second round of admissions, that is, GDs, PIs and Essay Writing.

Would there be another batch this year?
No, there would not be. This is the one and only batch.

CAT-2017 Internship: How to apply for this internship?

Step-1: Write to us
Step-1 is a simple one. Write to us with the following details:
a. Your brief description and basic details
b. Your resume
c. Why are you a good candidate for this internship?
d. Your previous CAT/XAT/NMAT/SNAP/IIFT scorecards (if you have appeared for any of these exams)

Step-2: You hear from us
We evaluate your application and if you are selected for the next round, we send you a Google Form to fill up.

Step-3: Selection based on your responses
Based on your responses, we select students for a telephonic interview.

Step-4: Interview on Call/Skype
Picking a suitable time, we will get on a call with you.

Step-5: Final selections for the internship
We inform you of your selection within three days of your telephonic call.

Step-6: Internship commences from April 8, 2017
The last but the most important step: the internship kick-starts from April 8, 2017.

CAT-2017 Internship: Which is the most important criterion for selection?

To keep it brief and simple, the most important criterion in this case is your honesty with this internship and your preparation. Remember, a couple of weeks into the internship, your effort and approach will be there for all see. So make sure you apply only if you can do justice to the demands of this internship. In terms of work, we have stated above that all tasks will be related to CAT-prep and all that is required of you is to be honest with your preparation.

CAT-2017 Internship Domains

There are two domains in this internship:
1. Content Writing: This includes work on tests and vocabulary related-content.
2. Social Media Marketing: This involves promoting Wordpandit on various social media platform.

In terms of time required for the internship tasks, be prepared to spare 10 to 12 hours a week. Make sure you keep this in mind while applying for the internship.

For any clarifications, write to us at: