This is a dedicated section for all the posts put up by 2IIM @ Wordpandit. We have partnered with the leader in test-prep to bring a series of useful posts and content that are going to take your CAT prep to the next level.

Why have we partnered with 2IIM?

2IIM is an e-learning company that offers Comprehensive Online Course for CAT. The pedagogy is designed by Mr.Rajesh Balasubramanian, an alumnus of IITM and IIMB, a CAT 100%iler in CAT 2011, 2012 & 2014.

What does 2IIM offer?

2IIM’s online CAT course comprises over 80 online classes, 50+ drill tests, 100+ topic-wise tests CAT level questions, and 12 full-length mock CATs. Each chapter consists of slides, videos and Checkpoint Quizzes to build a student’s understanding. Beyond this, each class also ends with prep-edge quizzes that provide a benchmark for the students.

What is their USP?

The course content has been designed from scratch by Mr. Rajesh Balasubramanian, an alumnus of IITM and IIMB and a 3-time 100 percentiler in CAT. Here is a description of the course in his own words:

We have built the course to enable a smooth learning process for a student with two key ideas in mind: 1) Intuitive learning 2) Modularized Learning.

1) 2IIM has a distinct Teaching Philosophy, built on the belief that the fundamentals are very vital and everything can be learnt well if the basics are learnt thoroughly. We place very high value on building the thought process, and spend an inordinate amount of time in our lessons building this.  We have consciously stayed away from short-cuts and other over-simplifications to ensure a stubborn focus on fundamentals.

2) We’ve made sure that the pace of learning is entirely decided by the student. Every chapter is broken into theory, exercise and CAT-level questions. Each class ends with a set of Prep Edge questions that acts as a benchmark for students. We have taken enormous effort to ensure that CAT-level questions fall by and large into the band of difficulty that one is likely to encounter in the exam.

All the content is available on iOS and Android Apps as well! The app comes with 2 great advantages: 1) All the content can be downloaded and be viewed offline. 2) The app is completely synchronized with the online course.

What is the one thing that we really like about their course?

The best part of the course is that 2IIM lets you try their course for free. Before we tell you any further, visit and sign up as a free user to sample ~15% of the course at absolutely no cost!

Happy learning!