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CAT-2017 Preparation Plan

Resources that take care of every aspect of CAT-prep

Vocabulary CAT-2017 Prep Plan: Day-7

CAT Vocabulary Preparation: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions How to approach this segment of preparation? Students generally have a lot of doubts with regards to CAT Vocabulary Preparation and I thought it is best to address all these questions in a single place.... read more

QA, LR & DI CAT-2017 Prep Plan: Day-7

Focus Topic: Simple Interest (Arithmetic/Commercial Mathematics) CAT Simple Interest Installments Questions: An important concept for the topic One concept that you should most definitely look into in an in-depth manner is the concept of CAT Simple Interest... read more

Verbal Ability CAT-2017 Prep Plan: Day-7

The Ultimate RC FAQ Guide: Reading Comprehension Passages with Questions and Answers Answers for Common Problems you might be facing in your RC preparation Reading comprehensions are a tough beast, right? There are a lot of you who might have these Common RC Questions... read more

Partner Resources

Tips & articles for your preparation

CAT Grammar: Affect and Effect

Well, we will do anything for our users and for their benefit, We have tied up with Oliveboard.com, a leading test-prep website, and will bring to you a special series of blogs run by Oliveboard. The folks at Oliveboard are taking up this great initiative to help out... read more

How to prepare for Quantitative Ability in CAT?

This is a dedicated section for all the posts put up by 2IIM @ Wordpandit. We have partnered with the leader in test-prep to bring a series of useful posts and content that are going to take your CAT prep to the next level. Quantitative Ability is viewed as the... read more

Articles & Resources

Tips & articles for your preparation

DI & LR Strategy Guide

CAT Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Strategy Guide TIME TO HUSTLE AND HUSTLE SOME MORE FOR CAT! You need to bring your hustle and bustle game to Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning. We are well and truly into the preparation phase for CAT-2017 and your... read more

Two Motivational Stories for you

Two motivational stories to inspire you and help you overcome challenges in your CAT preparation   Is your cup filled to the brim? In this article, we start with a slightly different approach. I have a set of questions for you: How many of you feel that you are... read more

What kind of a Problem Solver are you?

Different Approaches to Problem Solving Do not be fooled by the title of this article! This is an article which is extremely important from the perspective of CAT? How so? The ‘problem solving’ in this article actually refers to mathematics and the reference here is... read more

Question a day

Power your prep with special questions

Question a Day-2

Wordpandit Question of the day Question: A person spends 40 % of his salary on his educational expenses. He spends 60 % of the money spent on educational expenses in purchasing books and one-half of the remaining in purchasing stationery items. If he saves Rs. 160... read more

Question a Day-1

Wordpandit Question of the day The population of a city vote for one among 4 political parties, A, B, C and D. 25% of the voters are committed to party B, 25% to party C and 10% to party D. 10% of the total voters fluctuate and can vote for any party. 50% of the... read more

OB Question a Day-1

This section is brought to you in association with Oliveboard, leaders in Test-prep that make it easy for you to prepare across multiple devices. Visit Oliveboard here. Oliveboard Question of the day At one stage of IPL, DeVilliers, Milller, Maxwell and Gayle were... read more

CAT Verbal Ability Resources

Verbal Tests, Grammar tips, and RCs for CAT-2017:

Prodigy & Progeny

Prodigy vs Progeny – Confused between Prodigy or Progeny? Want to learn the difference Prodigy and Progeny? Prodigy vs Progeny is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly. Learn the difference between these two words. We teach you when to use... read more

Prodigal & Profligate

Prodigal vs Profligate – Confused between Prodigal or Profligate? Want to learn the difference Prodigal and Profligate? Prodigal vs Profligate is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly. Learn the difference between these two words. We teach you... read more

Precede, Proceed & Proceeds

Precede vs Proceed vs Proceeds – Confused when to use Precede, Proceed or Proceeds? Want to learn the difference Precede, Proceed and Proceeds? Precede vs Proceed vs Proceeds is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference among... read more

CAT Maths Blogs

Tips, Tricks, Questions and a lot more

CAT Mensuration Practice Exercise-5

CAT Mensuration Test: Mensuration Problems you should solve for CAT Prep With the help of this CAT Mensuration test, you have a chance to go through the basic problems based on Mensuration. This section provides you with the ultimate test to check your level of... read more

CAT Mensuration Practice Exercise-4

CAT Mensuration Questions and Answers: Mensuration Problems you should solve for CAT Prep Welcome to this post on CAT Mensuration questions and answers. Understanding these questions is a bit of a task and needs lot of practice. In this area, you can find questions... read more

CAT Mensuration Practice Exercise-3

CAT Mensuration Questions: Mensuration Problems you should solve for CAT Prep CAT Mensuration questions revolve mostly around 2 important shapes i.e. circles and triangles. Here are some questions based on the concepts of triangle and its types. The key concepts that... read more