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Special Para-jumble TITA Question: Arrange the following sentences in the correct order.

  1. He was a delicate child, and the extraordinary education designed by his father was not calculated to develop and improve his physical powers.
  2. Mill remained delicate throughout his life, but was endowed with that intense mental energy which is so often combined with physical weakness.
  3. John Stuart Mill was born on 20th May 1806.
  4. “I never was a boy,” he says; “never played cricket.” His exercise was taken in the form of walks with his father, during which the elder Mill lectured his son and examined him on his work.
  5. It is idle to speculate on the possible results of a different treatment.

This is where the challenge is; let’s see how well do you perform..:)


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Answer and Explanation

Answer: 31452

Solution: The opening sentence is this case is easy to identify: Statement C.

Statement A follows statement C as it explains the physical nature of John Stuart Mill.

This is followed by his own observations in statement D. This second sentence in D explains what kind of exercise Mills took up.

Statements E then comments that there was no other outcome possible and statement B provides the conclusion.