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The population of a city vote for one among 4 political parties, A, B, C and D. 25% of the voters are committed to party B, 25% to party C and 10% to party D. 10% of the total voters fluctuate and can vote for any party. 50% of the voters are female and 50% of the voters committed to party D are male. Of the voters who fluctuate, half are female. Party B does not have any committed female voters while party C does not have any committed male voters. If all the voters except those who fluctuate cast their votes, what percent of the male votes will be won by party A?
1. 33.33%
2. 15%
3. 30%
4. 16.67%


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Answer and Explanation

Suppose the total number of voters is 400. Let F denote those people who fluctuate. From the given information, we can tabulate the number of male and female voters for each party as follows:



Since only 180 males cast their votes and party A receives 60 male votes, the required percentage is 60/180 = 33.33%.