4 Month CAT-2016 Prep Plan: Your 120 Day Guide for CAT-2016


Hi there,

Welcome to our four-part, 120 day guide for CAT 2016.

In this section, we will provide a road-map of things you need to do on a part by part basis and the concepts that you need to study in a methodical fashion. We will operate this section in conjunction with the other sections on the site.

To-do list for any given month
  • To work on conceptual clarity for different target topics
  • To improve general reading skills and vocabulary levels
  • Practice Tests and exercises for score improvement
  • Prep tips to help you balance all aspects of your life for these 4 months
We would be doing the above with the help of following:
  • Sections on this website
  • Books and Reading Material for English
  • Recommendations in the form of Reference Books
  • Strategy and prep-tip blogs/videos
CAT Prep Plan-2016 is in full flow:

We know we are a little late!

You need to trust us when we say that we wanted to add these pages as soon as we could but the amount of uploading we have had to do has been immense. By October 31,2016, we plan to upload all these pages. How should you use this plan? Some tips for you:

  • Start with Day-1 and try to cover 2 prep plan page in one day.
  • It will take you an estimated 60 days from here to complete this prep plan. You should target completion anywhere between October 31, 2016 to November 15, 2016.
  • Remember, this is a comprehensive plan that takes care of a lot of things but you still need to give mocks.
  • We will be adding strategy, tips and motivation blogs side by side. So stay tuned for those as well.

Start with your CAT-2016 Prep

CAT Prep Plan: Month-1

Continue with your CAT-2016 Prep

CAT Prep Plan: Month-2

Time to move to the next month

CAT Prep Plan: Month-3

The final month of your prep..:)

CAT Prep Plan: Month-4