Difference Between Pedant,Pendent and punditPedant has the following meanings:-
1. An individual who approaches teaching in a formal and often unimaginative manner: “A teacher of literature can touch the inner of the student only if he is imaginative, not just a pedant.”
2. An individual who flaunts the educational background which has been achieved: “The speaker looked an inflated pedant when he referred to his educational degrees again and again.”

Pendent has the following meanings:-
1. Something that is suspended or hanging freely: “The queen wearing a diamond pendant looked extremely beautiful at the party.”
2. Ornamental roofs or ceilings characteristic of Gothic architecture: “Many cathedrals in Europe are famous for their unique pendant ceilings.”
Pundit is a learned individual prone to give opinions in an authoritative manner: “Our teacher of English is a peerless pundit of its literature.”

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