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Oliveboard Question of the day

In  the question below, a sentence is given with a portion underlined. Choose the best replacement (if needed) for the underlined portion to make the sentence meaningful and grammatically correct

That which we know of ourselves and have in our memory is not so decisive for the happiness of our life as generally believed.

(1) as generally believed
(2) as is generally believed
(3) that is generally believed
(4) as believed to be generally
(5) as believed generally

Answers and Explanations

Answer: (s)

Following the rules of parallelism, the word ‘is’ must be included for both clauses in the sentence. The first clause is: ‘memory is not so decisive for the happiness of our life’ and the second clause is ‘as is generally believed.’ Options A, D and E are eliminated. As the sentence consists of a comparative structure the word ‘as’ must be used, not ‘that’. Therefore, Option 3 is eliminated, and Option 2 is the right answer