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Oliveboard Question of the day

A paragraph has been provided. From the given options, choose the sentence that continues the paragraph in the most appropriate way.

With that reflection Harris rose to go; as he did so an exclamation of concern escaped him. Lying on the ground by the side of the bench was a small oval packet, wrapped and sealed with the solicitude of a chemist’s counter. It could be nothing else but a cake of soap, and it had evidently fallen out of the youth’s overcoat pocket when he flung himself down on the seat. In another moment Harris was scudding along the dusk-shrouded path in anxious quest for a youthful figure in a light overcoat.

Answer Options:

(1) “Have you lost anything, sir?” he asked.

(2) “To lose a hotel and a cake of soap on one afternoon suggests wilful carelessness,” said Harris, but the young man scarcely waited to hear the end of the remark.

(3) If he had had the brilliant forethought to provide himself with a cake of soap, wrapped and sealed with all the solicitude of the chemist’s counter, he would have been a genius in his particular line.

(4) He had nearly given up the search when he caught sight of the object of his pursuit standing irresolutely on the border of the carriage drive, evidently uncertain whether to strike across the Park or make for the bustling pavements of Knights bridge.

(5) He turned round sharply with an air of defensive hostility when he found Harris hailing him.

Answers and Explanations

Answer : (4)

The passage is narrative in nature and narrates a series of events that took place. Option A is eliminated as it does not establish the requisite continuity with the passage. The passage ends with telling us that Harris went looking for a youthful figure, who he suspected, had lost a bar of soap. The passage does not tell us that he found who he was looking for. Thus, Option A does not follow the passage, as it presumes that Harris found the person he was searching for. Option B is eliminated for the same reason. Option C does not narrate the next event in sequence, thus it is eliminated. Option E is eliminated as it does not follow the passage directly. We are not given information as to whether Harris found the man he was looking for, so Option E makes no sense. Option D is the right answer, as it follows the passage, and narrates the next event in the sequence.