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Question: In a race of 1 km Nikhil beats Vijendra by 150 meter or by 8 seconds. What is the speed of Nikhil and Vijendra respectively?

Answer Options:

(1) 24 m/sec, 18 m/sec
(2) 22 m/sec, 18.75 m/sec
(3) 25 m/sec, 16.50 m/sec
(4) 21 m/sec, 15 m/sec
(5) 32 m/sec, 22 m/sec

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Answer and Explanation

By the given information, Vijendra covers remaining 150 meter in 8 seconds.

Hence speed of Vijendra = 150/8 = 18.75 m/sec

When Nikhil finishes the race of 1000m, Vijendra is able to run only 850 meter.

Hence speed of Nikhil = 18.75 x 1000/850 = 22 m/sec (approx)