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Question: A sphere of radius 8 cm is melted into 512 identical spheres. What is the total surface area of all these spheres combined?

Answer Options:

(1) 2560π cm2

(2) 2304π cm2

(3) 2048π cm2

(4) 2880π cm2

(5) None of these

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Answer and Explanation

The volume will remain the same in both the cases.

Volume of a sphere = 4/3πR3

And its surface area = 4πR2

Let the radius of the small spheres be r.


⇒ 83 = 83 × r3

⇒ r = 1 cm Now total surface area of all the 512 spheres = 512 × 4π × r2

= 512 × 4π cm2

= 2048π cm2