CAT Logical Reasoning


Logical Reasoning consists of question types which test both your mathematical and logical abilities. These questions are there is most of the examinations, and present an interesting challenge to students. Imagine a situation. A group of people are sitting around a table, you are given a few clues with respect to what these people are wearing, what is their age and what is their height. Some of the data is missing, and some of the names are missing too. Now you need to figure out the puzzle, identify everyone and possibly their seat, all with the help of the clues provided. Sounds interesting? This is logical reasoning and welcome to the world of using the wits of your mind.

Logical reasoning questions can be clubbed into various categories such as:

  • Seating Arrangement problems
  • Circular Arrangements
  • Blood Relations
  • Selection and Conditionals
  • Sets based on grouping and patterns
  • Mapping and best routes
  • Miscellaneous sets consisting of formal logic, testing, sports events etc.

In this section, we have listed a number of sets for you to solve, covering most of the above categories. Each set carries 3 to 5 questions generally.

  • Read the question carefully and make sure you establish why an option is incorrect.
  • DO NOT ASSUME information that is not given in the questions.
  • A valid conclusion is the one that definitely follows from the information you are given. An invalid conclusion is the one that definitely does not follow from the information.
  • Make sure you pay special attention to words such as: “all” “some”, “none”, “other than”, “only” or “unless”.

Logical Reasoning Sets


Basic Level Logical Reasoning Sets

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