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MBA Interview Questions: How to introduce yourself?

The most basic and common question in MBA Interviews is: Introduce yourself. With this question, the following thoughts should come to your mind. How does one introduce himself or herself? What are the key criteria for this introduction? What are the steps to... read more

GDs: How to Generate Content?

Introduction What is a Group Discussion? Groups discussions are a tricky business, aren’t they? You need to think on your feet, come up with content, speak persuasively on the topic, make sense with respect to what you saying, and at the same time, exhibit utmost... read more

XAT Decision Making: Ethical Dilemma Questions

XAT Decision Making: How to approach Ethical Dilemma Questions? Ethical dilemmas make a frequent appearance in the XAT decision-making section and these questions can leave you in quite a tangle for one simple reason: ethical standards vary person to person and there... read more

CAT Verbal Ability Resources

Verbal Tests, Grammar tips, and RCs for CAT-2016:

Respectable, Respectful & Respective

Word 1: respectable (ri SPEK tuhbuhl) Meaning 1: Decent or correct in character or behavior. Example Sentence: She belongs to a respectable family. Meaning 2: Fair in size or quantity. Example Sentence: We collected a respectable amount for the charity. Word 2:... read more

Re-sort & Resort

Word 1: Re-sort (ree SORT) Meaning: Tosort (something) again or differently. Example Sentence: Re- sort the apples and grade them acordingly. Word 2: resort (ree ZORT) Meaning 1: A place providing recreation and entertainment especially to vacationers Example... read more

Resign & Re-sign

Word 1: Resign (re ZIGHN) Meaning 1: To give (oneself) over without resistance. Example Sentence: He resigned his cabinet job to spend more time with his family. Meaning 2: To give up one’s office or position. Example Sentence: He resigned as the principal of... read more

CAT Maths Blogs

Tips, Tricks, Questions and a lot more

5 CAT Probability Problems you should solve

Introduction: Probability is a super-fascinating topic that keeps on your toes. Along with mathematical ability, it requires a combination of quick thinking and reasoning skills in order to crack these exams quickly. An important part of CAT quantitative aptitude... read more

5 CAT Number System Questions you should solve

Introduction: CAT Number System is far the most talked about topic for this exam. Majority of the students start their CAT preparation with this topic and devote a substantial amount of time to this topic. In all fairness, this is the right thing to do as Number... read more

5 CAT Algebra Problems you should solve

Introduction: Algebra is one of the most important parts of the CAT QA section. Every year, several problems appear from this area. If we look at the overall landscape of the CAT QA section, we can see that the clear majority of the topics are based on topics which we... read more