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60 Days to CAT-2016

An exclusive series of articles to aid your prep:

CAT-2016 Analysis

CAT-2016 Analysis: Wordpandit’s Take on the Exam Hey there! So, CAT-2016 is done and dusted. By now, you must have gone through multiple analysis, predictions, mentor reviews, and so on. On top of that, the anxiety related to results would have kicked in by now.... read more

CAT: One Day To Go

So, we are finally there! For some, one season work of hard work and toil comes to an end. For some, another season of the promise to work hard comes to an end. In either case, we know this for sure: whatever happens in the exam, there is no bullet that is going to be... read more

2 Days to CAT-2016: Believe in yourself

2 Days to CAT-2016: The Power of Positive Thinking for CAT exam Hey there, we are almost there! With two days to go for the exam, you might be feeling under the pump. But hey, don’t worry. In class, I share a simple anecdote to calm nervy students: whatever happens in... read more

Strategy for CAT Maths, LR and DI: The Final Leap

Last Minute Strategy for CAT Maths, LR and DI Well, we are almost there. The alarm bell is actually about to ring anytime now and you guys should be ready for slug-fest on the 4th of December. The anxiety must be at all-time high right now and it makes sense that each... read more

Strategy for CAT Verbal: The Final Leap

Last Minute Strategy for CAT Verbal Well, you are into the last few days of this season’s CAT-prep, Keeping in mind the nature of the exam, it is important that you fine tune our strategies in the last few days. The CAT exam can be divided into two parts and... read more

21 Days to CAT: RC Title Questions

The intent and purpose of this article are very simple: to provide you guidelines to handle RC title questions. Remember, in this question type, it is easy to be misled by the alluring options providing to you. You need to maintain your focus and stick to the... read more

Articles & Resources

Tips & articles for your preparation

IIFT 2016 Analysis by Wordpandit

Well, with the IIFT-2016 exam taking place today, it well and truly feels that the exam season has kicked-off. Even though NMAT is the first major exam of the season, IIFT always gives us the feeling of the real season started. We hope your test went well and you... read more

A deal you cannot miss

Oliveboard Special Offer: Rs. 500 off any purchase between 17th & 19th November only.   Use coupon code N500 to get Rs.500 off any purchase. Valid on purchase of Rs.1000 or more. Not applicable on Combo Plans. Eg: You can now buy items worth Rs. 1299 for Rs.... read more

Demystifying CAT 2016: 5 common myths

Well, we will do anything for our users and for their benefit, We have tied up with Oliveboard.com, a leading test-prep website, and will bring to you a special series of blogs run by Oliveboard. The folks at Oliveboard are taking up this great initiative to help out... read more

CAT Verbal Ability Resources

Verbal Tests, Grammar tips, and RCs for CAT-2016:

Reported, Retorted & Reputed

Word 1: Reported (riPAWRT’d, riPOHRT’d) Meaning 1: A written or spoken description of a situation, event, etc. Example Sentence: Several cases of food poisoning have been reported this summer. Meaning 2: To announce the presence, arrival, or sighting of.... read more

Repassed & Repast

Word 1: Repassed (ri PAST) Meaning 1: To pass again especially in the opposite direction. Example Sentence: We repassed the house again and again without realizing that it was where we had to go. Meaning 2: To adopt again. Example Sentence: The resolution was repassed... read more

Regime, Regimen & Regiment

Word 1: Regime (ray ZHEEM, ri ZHEEM) Meaning 1: A regular pattern of occurrence or action. Example Sentence: Seasonal rainfall cannot be depended upon for farming. Meaning 2: Mode of rule or management. Example Sentence: The democratic regime is very liberal. Word 2:... read more

CAT Maths Blogs

Tips, Tricks, Questions and a lot more

5 CAT Probability Problems you should solve

Introduction: Probability is a super-fascinating topic that keeps on your toes. Along with mathematical ability, it requires a combination of quick thinking and reasoning skills in order to crack these exams quickly. An important part of CAT quantitative aptitude... read more

5 CAT Number System Questions you should solve

Introduction: CAT Number System is far the most talked about topic for this exam. Majority of the students start their CAT preparation with this topic and devote a substantial amount of time to this topic. In all fairness, this is the right thing to do as Number... read more

5 CAT Algebra Problems you should solve

Introduction: Algebra is one of the most important parts of the CAT QA section. Every year, several problems appear from this area. If we look at the overall landscape of the CAT QA section, we can see that the clear majority of the topics are based on topics which we... read more